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U90-MA-Re  out of 5

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Dyson DC44 Animal Cordless 5 out of 5

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  • Lindsey Wilson

    Bought this vacuum 2years ago, loved it but battery life only lasts 5mins now after 20mins when new ? What has happened? Very disappointed.

  • eric vasey

    can the battery be replaced on the black&decker pv18 25n. if so is there an available instruction anywhere?

  • Gareth Waters

    When I fist purchased this Vac it was brilliant could not fault it. The brush bar got really tangled up with dog hair so I removed it cleaned it and replaced. since then the performance has fallen. What happens is the tube from the cleaning end fills up and blocks thus stopping it picking anything up, but the canister is empty. I must have done something wrong with the brush bar so I will have to look for an instruction book of sorts. Thanks if anyone else has the same prob' would like to hear

  • What's a Vacuum Cleaner?

    A vacuum cleaner is a household appliance primarily used for removing dust and dirt from carpets, and other flooring, as well as cleaning the interiors of cars and caravans. In the UK they are occasionally referred to as hoovers, which is actually a brand name rather than the name of the appliance. They work by sucking dirt and dust up from the floor into a storage container, whilst simultaneously filtering out the air, so that you can safely collect the dirt from the floor and dispose of it safely and securely. Modern vacuum cleaners or hoovers are available in several different forms - upright, portable, canister, cordless, corded, bagged, bagless and rechargeable. Hoovers require a power source to operate, which is usually mains electricity - however some vacuum cleaners are battery powered, or in some cases USB powered. Criteria to bear in mind include the overall weight of the vacuum cleaner, the size - the smaller the better for storage, the power in watts, and the capacity of the appliance, as well as whether it comes with any extras, and if you need to purchase bags for the hoover, or if it is a bagless model. We've outlined details of each of these types below:

    Upright Vacuum Cleaners

    An upright vacuum cleaner is fairly self explanatory - a vacuum which is mainly used in the upright position. This is a popular form of hoover, simply as it is all in one unit, with no spares to fit or go missing, and does not require the user to bend over. They are simple to operate, but can be a bit difficult to use on stairs. Our upright vacuum cleaner range features the best hoover models, and should help you to decided whether this style of vacuum is right for you.

    Portable / Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

    A portable vacuum cleaner is also sometime referred to as a Handheld vacuum cleaner, and usually features no mains cord, instead using a rechargeable battery to power the device. The main advantage of this is that the device is highly portable, lightweight and versatile, and ideal for hoovering awkward areas such as cars, stairs and furniture. The downside of these devices are that they're not really suitable for hoovering large areas, simply as they're not especially high powered and often need recharging after a short period. We've selected some of the best portable vacuum cleaners on the market and reviewed them for your viewing pleasure.

    Canister Vacuum Cleaners

    Canister Vacuum Cleaners feature a main base unit which powers the hoover, with a long flexible attachment for hoovering the floor with. These canister hoovers are often referred to as cylinder vacuum cleaner. The most famous and popular example of a canister hoover is the Henry hoover, which has been used in millions of households across the UK. The canister hoover has several advantages - the majority of time when in use you only have to move the hoover attachment and it's head, and not the actual canister, thus saving energy. As a result, the base unit can be made heavier and more powerful than the equivalent upright vacuum cleaner - meaning that it should collect more dirt and dust. The disadvantage of this variety of vacuum cleaner is that they can be awkward to transport up stairs and awkward to carry between vacuuming different areas of the house.

    Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

    A cordless vacuum cleaner is exactly what the name suggests - a hoover which is operated without the use of a power cord. Instead they are powered by a battery, which is charged in-between uses. The advantage of this cordless system is that they are a lot more versatile when hoovering isolated spaces and areas which are either hard to reach or not close to a mains socket. These cordless models can be ideal for hoovering cars, as well as stairs, furniture, caravans and motor homes. The disadvantages of cordless models is that they tend not to be as powerful as their mains powered competitors, and usually don't feature the same capacity, and thus need emptying more frequently.

    Corded Vacuum Cleaners

    Corded Vacuum Cleaners feature a power cord which is plugged into the mains electricity via a 3 pin plug. These are typically one of the least expensive yet most reliable forms of vacuum cleaner, simply as they don't require expensive batteries, nor charging before use. Due to the fact that they are powered by mains, the motors in corded vacuums tend to be more powerful, and better at sucking up dust and dirt. The main disadvantage of a corded hoover is that you need to be within close proximity of a mains socket to operate the vacuum cleaner.

    Bagged Vacuum Cleaners

    Bagged Vacuum Cleaners have a bag fitted inside the hoover, which needs replacing when full. The majority of newer vacuum cleaners do not use a bagged system, as it is not as environmentally friendly nor as cost effective as a bagless system. Replacement bags for bagged hoovers can be purchased separately, but unfortunately this is an ongoing expense, and so a bagged vacuum cleaner may cost you more money in the long run. The main advantage of bagged vacuum cleaners is that they don't require emptying as often as bagless models - however you will need to purchase and fit a new hoover bag when removing the old full bag.

    Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

    Bagless Vacuum Cleaners feature a removable dust storage container, which can be emptied into your refuse bin when full. This is a simple method of maintaining your hoover and making sure it doesn't lose suction. The advantage of this bagless system over a bagged vacuum cleaner is that it is more environmentally friendly, and avoids the need to purchase hoover bags, thus saving you money. The downside of this is that with certain bagless hoovers they may require regular emptying due to the fact that the dust container featuring a relatively small capacity.

    Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaners

    Vacuum cleaners with a rechargeable battery are a relatively new product, and as their name suggest are a type of hoover that features a rechargeable battery. This gives the rechargeable hoover great flexibility, and makes them suitable for use in isolated spaces and areas where there is not access to mains electricity, such as when cleaning the interior of your car or caravan. The downside of this system is that they are typically not as powerful as their mains equivalents, and so can take a little longer to complete the cleaning. Battery times vary, and so if you're lucky enough to own a large property you may find that the rechargeable may not feature enough power to be able to hoover the entire property in one go. Our reviews of rechargeable vacuum cleaners should provide you with the perfect selection of hoovers for your home.

    Mains Vacuum Cleaners

    A mains vacuum cleaner is powered by mains electricity - and so will often be more powerful than a battery powered hoover. As a result they will feature a better suction and pick up more dirt and dust. However the disadvantage is that they can only be used next to a mains socket, thus limiting the areas in which you can use the hoover. If you're after a mains vacuum cleaner, then you can browse our selection and read extensive reviews on this website.

    Battery Vacuum Cleaners

    A battery vacuum cleaner features a battery as the name implies. This is usually charged via a mains socket in-between hoovering sessions. The benefits are that you're not tethered to a mains socket, and can hoover your car or caravan without worrying about snagging the cable or not being able to reach. The downside is that you will typically not have a powerful motor within the hoover when compared to a mains hoover, and so the vacuuming may take longer to complete. They are often quite lightweight and ideal for hoovering furniture and other awkward spaces.

    Carpet Washers

    A carpet washer is essentially a vacuum cleaner which enables you to wash your carpet using water and a cleaning agent. The carpet is soaked using the cleaning solution, which is left to soak before being sucked up into a dirty water container, before being disposed of. A carpet washer enables you to remove stains and mud from carpets that a regular vacuum cleaner won't remove, thus restoring your carpet back to as new condition.

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