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Carpet Washers are essentially vacuum cleaners which are designed to wash carpets rather than just vacuuming them. A carpet washer typically uses water and detergent to soak the carpet and dissolve any stains, before sucking up the dirty water, leaving the carpet looking like new. As they utilise water within their cleaning cycle, a carpet washer will clean a carpet or rug better than a traditional vacuum cleaner, and as such should return the carpet to looking new and spotless. The average carpet washer will feature a clean and dirty water tank – with the clean water being spread onto the carpet with a detergent or cleaning agent, which is left to soak and dissolve, before being sucked up into the dirty water tank, and disposed of. If you have a dirty carpet that a vacuum cleaner can’t clean, then a carpet washer would be ideal for breathing some life into the flooring, and having you from having to replace the carpet at great expense. Our carpet washer reviews are featured below, with each one including an unbiased review, photos, latest prices and details on where you can buy each model. If you’re looking for the best carpet washer, then read on for our guide to the market leaders.

Vax V-124A

Vax V-124A 4.5 out of 5

The vibrant Vax V-124A is their affordable carpet washer designed to remove the dirt that your vacuum can't touch, breathing new life into your tired flooring!
Vax Rapide Ultra 2 W90-RU-P

Vax Rapide Ultra 2 W90-RU-P 5 out of 5

The Vax Rapide Ultra 2 W90-RU-P is a powerful 1000w mains carpet washer which achieves extraordinary results!
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