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Dyson DC44 Animal Cordless

Dyson DC44 Animal Cordless Review The DC44 Animal Cordless by Dyson The DC44 from Dyson weighs just 2.6kg, and features a 20 minute run time from it's 22v battery - but does it perform as well as competing products? Read on to find out.! Dyson are renowned for creating innovative and high performing vacuum cleaners, and in our first review of their products we take a look at the popular DC44 model - a cordless portable vacuum cleaner which transforms in size depending on your needs. Weighing a touch under 3kg, the DC44 (also known as the 23979-01) is 112cm in length, and features a 22 volt battery, with a power output of 65 watts. The dust canister is 0.3 litres, and thanks to a host of clever design features, Dyson claim that this model doesn't lose any power either through suction or battery fade. In this review we take a look at whether the DC44 meets the hype, or - given the price tag - whether you're better off shopping elsewhere for an effective portable vacuum cleaner.

Here we review the lightweight Dyson DC44 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Very light, easy to operate, decent level of suction, well constructed May not be suitable for large amounts of intense vacuuming due to battery and capacity restrictions
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Does the DC44 live up to Dyson's reputation of creating high performing vacuums cleaners?

In our first Dyson review on our website, we opted to test the DC44, which in relative terms is a mid priced vacuum cleaner from the famous Dyson range.  Primarily known for design innovations and high tech solutions to every day problems, Dyson vacuum cleaners have established an almost cult like following amongst their brand loyal consumers.  In this review we see whether the vacuum justifies the hype, or if the DC range places gimmicks and style over substance and performance.

Unorthodox design, but strangely appealing?

The main components of the Dyson DC44 are located near the handle - with a lengthy 67cm neck positioned between your hand and the head - this gives the DC44 a slightly elongated aesthetic.  In terms of looks, at first glance it more resembles a prop from a sci-fi film than a vacuum cleaner, with clean, crisp lines and a sleek deep blue and grey colour scheme.  The absence of a power cable adds to this illusion, giving this vacuum a very modern feel.  Clearly a lot of thought has gone into the design, with numerous clever features built in.  Firstly the cleaner head can move a full 180 degrees for accurate and flexible cleaning.  The inbuilt root cyclone technology means that it does not lose any suction, even when the dust canister is nearing capacity.  This is helped by the motorised floor tool, which helps to dislodge further dirt and debris from your flooring via it's carbon fibre filaments.  In addition, the battery features fad free performance, which results in an uniform power supply, even when the battery is running low.  The runtime is an estimated 20 minutes, and after 19 minutes an indicator will light up to alert you that you have sixty seconds remaining.  In short, it's pretty obvious that a lot of thought and product testing has gone into every aspect of the design process.  Whether the looks appeal to you is based upon personal preference - our team was split, with some preferring a more traditional design.

What's the DC44's specification?

Essentially the DC44 is a small, lightweight vacuum which is perfect for vacuuming little and often.  It features a 20 minute runtime, which can be decreased to 8 minutes if you put the vacuum in the more powerful Boost mode.  The vacuum is powered by a 65w motor, which is run from the rechargeable 22v battery, which doesn't suffer from power loss as it runs out of juice.  In terms of weight it's 2.3kg, with a 350ml (0.35 litre) dust canister, which may need emptying fairly often due to the limited size.  The vacuum measures 112cm in length, with width and depth of 30cm and 23cm respectively.  The detachable wand adds 67cm of length to the vacuum, or you can use it without when vacuuming stairs and furniture.  A full battery charge will take approximately 5 hours from flat.

A selection of handy accessories

So what's included, asides from the actual vacuum cleaner? Firstly an animal brush, which is specifically designed to pick up pet fur.  Next up you have the trademark Dyson charging station which is designed to be wall mounted for charging between usage.  Also Dyson have provided a hard floor brush, as well as making the filter washable for easy maintenance.

Does it work as well as it's reputation suggests?

Very good indeed.  Having a powerful vacuum, which weighs next to nothing and not being restricted by a power cord, makes this vacuum the ultimate for quick vacuum jobs about the house.  Furniture, car seats, stairs and cobwebs are all dealt with easily and effectively.  The floor head adjusts well to different flooring types, and is very good at picking up dirt, dust and hair.  In short, for those who like to vacuum daily or even bi-weekly, it is perfect. 

However it might not be as suitable for those who vacuum less frequently, simply as the dust canister only holds 350ml, and so will need emptying often.  Similarly the battery will provide an impressive 20 minutes of usage, but this too may not be long enough for heavier jobs. Charging time is around five hours, so you may have to split longer vacuum sessions.  This isn't a major criticism, as this vacuum isn't designed with this kind of usage in mind - the DC44 excels at it's intended purpose.

Essentially if you're in the target audience that this vacuum was aimed at, then it will suit you down to the ground.  If you're not in this bracket, then you might want to look at larger, corded vacuum cleaners, which will offer unlimited run time and larger capacities, or even the Bosch BCH625KTGB which offers nearly three times the capacity and run time than the DC44.

Relatively expensive, but is the DC44 worth the price tag?

This depends on whether you're in the DC44's intended demographic - it's designed for light regular vacuuming jobs.  It's capable of heavier work loads, but due to the battery runtime of 20 minutes - which is pretty good for a cordless vacuum - and the dust capacity of 0.35 litres, then it may be a bit frustrating for those who vacuum their home less frequently.  It is very well built, and works exceptionally well at what it's designed to do, and consequently our testers thought it was worth the money.

How about the DC44's strengths

  • Perfect for cars, furniture, stairs and other tight, awkward areas
  • Very lightweight - easy to operate for all users
  • Decent level of suction - removes the vast majority of dirt with ease, which is aided further by the effective rotating floorhead
  • Storage is simple and efficient - the vacuum neatly clips to wall charging unit
  • No cables to trip over
  • Reasonably quiet in operation

And the weaknesses?

  • It will need emptying frequently due to the small 0.35 capacity
  • If you live in a large house, 20 minutes may not be enough for a thorough vacuuming - for smaller daily hoovering jobs, it is fine however.

Quality cordless vacuum cleaner with surprising suction

If you live in a small to mid size household and are looking for a vacuum for quick regular cleaning jobs about the house, it will be perfect.  The DC44 is very light, cleans effectively, and is very accessible - perfect for a quick hoover session to maintain tidiness.  The downsides are the runtime of 20 minutes - which is fine for most users but possibly a touch short for those who vacuum less frequently, and the small capacity - it requires emptying quite frequently.  If these last two points will be likely to affect you, then either the Bosch BCH61840GB or BCH625KTGB will be better suited, due to increased battery life and dust capacity. For those who are after an elegant and effective cleaning solution for short but regular usage, then the DC44 is highly recommended. Put simply, it excels at it's intended purpose.

Dyson DC44 Animal Cordless ReviewSound good?
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Dyson DC44 Features

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Dyson DC44 Animal Cordless Specification

Manufacturer: Dyson
Model: DC44 Animal Cordless
Capacity: 0.35 litres
Style: upright
Type: bagless
Power Source: Rechargeable
Power: 65w
Voltage: 22v
Cord Type: cordless
Cord Length: n/a
Colour: blue
Power Settings: 1
Weight: 2.3kg
Dimensions: 30cm by 23cm by 112cm
Extras: Also included is an animal brush, the handy bagless design, the dyson charging station, a hardfloor brush, self-emptying function, and an effective washable filter
Our Rating: 5 out of 5

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